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Lukas Gage
(Euphoria, The White Lotus )

Brian's coaching and taping insights are always spot on. Often teachers want to own an actor's process. Brian's teaching feels individualized and specific to each actor, so you can fly freely and authentically! 


Mapuana Makia
(Series Regular, Doogie Kamealoha, MD )

I've been working with Brian for 8+ years. He has an uncanny ability to take apart scenes, help build a LIFE and how a character THINKS, giving me a clear direction to go. He has intuitive artistry AND technical precision for scene work. As a working actor, he sees new ways of teaching, staying flexible with the ever changing needs of this business. He has helped my career tremendously!


Nik Dodani
(Atypical, Dear Evan Hanson)

Brian's ability to find depth and texture in any script is invaluable. He's been able to unlock performances in me that have kept me working for years.


Ran Frazier
Talent Manager at
Authentic Management

"Brilliant. Amazing. Wonderful. Magical. He's the Actor Whisperer. I send my clients to Brian and they book the job." 


Jona Xiao
(The Flash, Hightown)

Brian just "gets it." He's a working actor and experienced coach who understands the unique demands of being an auditioning, self-taping actor in 2022. He's spot on in understanding genre and writers intent, while being wildly in tune with each actor's process and point of view. I've taped many auditions with Brian and it's led to callbacks, chemistry reads, and bookings!


Michael Yo
(Amber Brown, Michael Yo:
I Never Thought)

I love Brian Norris. It took me a long time to check out his class because I was scared and unsure of myself. Walking into a new room is always terrifying. But there is never a moment where you feel out of place because Brian gives you full attention, confidence, and most importantly, the love you need to book the job. I truly love this man like a brother.


Kelly Mis
(Kalabasas Encounters, The Farm)

I've never felt so immediately connected to a teacher or coach. He has the ability to see people when they cannot see themselves. He genuinely cares about each and every one of his clients and brings out the best in all of us. There is something about working with him that feels exactly how a teacher/coach/director and actor relationship should feel -

a true collaboration with mutual respect. HIs knowledge of the industry and artistry never cease to amaze me.


Brian Confer
Founder of The Head Shot Truck

Brian helped me to really get to the core of who I am as an actor and who I represent in the industry. His grasp of the industry and ability to see how casting and producers will see me has been incredible helpful and freeing. I highly recommend any actor work with Brian, whether your a seasoned pro or beginner. I promise you will not only learn something you didn't expect, but you will also gain a friend and trusted advisor.


Marc Fajardo
(The Outsider, Red, White, and Water)

Brian Norris is the Doogie Howser of Acting! Boy genius extraordinaire. I've been his client for a long time now and he never ceases to enlighten me. He's got a sixth sense for coaching and an extremely high emotional IQ. He's helped so many wonderful actors throughout the years, personally and professionally. His heart beams so invitingly bright. I'm very grateful to know and grow with Brian.

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