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Your Acting Technique Is Showing 🍑

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

And worse, it’s NOT helping.

Jeff Daniels sits on the beach unaware hit butt crack is showing (Dumb & Dumber)

Because no one wants to see “Acting Technique.” 🎭 No one pays to see “Acting Technique.” 🎟️

They pay to see you. 🤯 And, worst of all, most actors lose all of their magic and authenticity with “Technique” that just leaves them in stuck in their head. But here’s the thingIt’s Not Technique If It Puts You In Your Head! Acting Technique shows when actors aren’t aware of an important distinction. Ready for it?

Eugene Levy from Schitt's Creek asking for a drumroll.

Bada-Bada-Bada-Bada-Bada-Bada-Bada-Bada 🥁 🗣️ Character Ain’t Characterization! 🗣️ Whaaaa? Those sound like the same thing?! I know, I know. They’re always taught that way too. But they’re not the same. One will lead you to an honest performance while the other leads to disconnected indicating. To really understand the difference let’s get into the mucky details. 👉 CHARACTER = GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES. Given Circumstances are the facts. The things you absolutely CANNOT change. For example:

  • Romeo loves Juliet.

  • Michael Scott wants to be the World’s Best Boss.

  • Arya Stark is great with a sword.

When you try to play Given Circumstances your choices becomes too self-aware, leading to the disconnected indicating. You end up showing the character’s humanity rather than living it, turning the character into a kind of inauthentic, Westworld robot.

Evan Rachel Wood playing a Robot in Westworld (HBO)

👉 CHARACTERIZATION = YOUR CHOICES. How you choose to play it.

For example:

  • Romeo loves Juliet, but is he a silly flirt? An intense emo-kid? A sexy prince?

  • Michael Scott wants love and respect. But Steve Carrell loved his employees, while Ricky Gervais played David Brent with his classic judgment.

  • Arya is great with a sword, but Masie Williams’ characterization made her funny, passionate, and vulnerable.

The actor’s magic can’t be in the Given Circumstances. We all have to say the same lines and play the same actions. So that means the magic of your Acting Technique is in your Characterization. When you keep the distinction between character and characterization clear, your choices bring honesty and creativity to the roll, and your work will better match your expectations. Your Coach,


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