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Would You Watch Stranger Things In A Movie Theater?

Cara and I just finished the Season 4 of STRANGER THINGS (no spoilers, I promise). We really dug the finale, epic and emotionally really satisfying. But with a runtime of two and a half hours and a scale that size, it felt like a movie. The season cost more than The Batman.

Which got me thinking... why don't they release television events in movie theaters?

I'd pay $20 to watch Eleven get a nosebleed in IMAX, would't you?

I'd do it for more than that too. Every major Game Of Thrones episode. The Breaking Bad finale. Succession premiere. The entire season of The Bear, played straight through.

Hell, I'd do it for sporting events like the Super Bowl or every time Steph Curry plays basketball. Wouldn't it be crazy fun to watch a big game with your friends at an Alamo Drafthouse, with pitchers of beer and snacks flying in all the time?

I know the licensing would be complicated and there are distribution rules, but it's 2022 and nothing matters anymore, right? If Encanto can premiere on Disney+, why can't Rise Of The Dragon premiere on HBO+ and theaters nationwide?

Seems like there's money to be made.

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