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A 4-Week Acting Intensive

Taught by Brian Norris

Next Session

Oct. 7th - Oct 28th
Saturday's from 2:30-6:30pm
North Hollywood Location
**Strike Cost: $350

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Space is limited to 12. Clients who are new to the studio must book a Consultation with Brian before signing up.

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About Foundations

Foundations is the class I wish I could have taken when I was in my late 20's. I was trained, I knew I was talented, but something wasn't working well enough. I desperately wanting to take control of my craft and career... but didn't know how.

Almost everyone comes to me with the same goal: book more union film and television jobs. This intensive will cover the four major areas necessary to do exactly that: Craft, Who The Role Becomes Because You Play Them, Self-Tape Auditions, and The Business of Acting. This class will also get you ready to jump into any of our ongoing classes and hit the ground running.

Everything in Foundations comes directly from my 25+ years working professionally on-camera and my 10+ years coaching and teaching actors. It's all designed to get you out of your head and moving forward in your career.

PLEASE NOTE - THIS CLASS HAS HOMEWORK AND REQUIRED REHEARSALS.  Make sure you can attend all 4 classes and make time for work outside of class time (5-6hrs).

This class is currently only offered IN-PERSON. If you are interested in a Zoom version, please fill out the form and let us know.

See you in class!


(For a full week-by-week breakdown of class, scroll down!)

Week One
Acting Process

We begin at the beginning.

Some folks have never studied the fundamentals of acting. Other have years of training only to end up stuck in their heads or not knowing where to start.


Regardless, we need a foundation for your acting craft and preparation that is strong, useful, and repeatable.


Week one is an overview of your craft. We use a current TV pilot to cover Stanislavsky's Greatest Hits (and how to actually use them in your work) and the basics of On-Camera acting, before offering a road map for how to prepare new material.

Week Two 
The Role & You

Who does the role become because you play them?

I have a theory that if we can't answer that question then they'll hire someone who can (or someone famous).

For years I cast myself out of roles. I saw breakdowns as a list of reasons I wasn't right for a part. I was trying to achieve something outside of myself. Something that, no matter how good it was, could never compete with people who naturally had those qualities. And besides, was it honest?

In today's market place, we are asked to play ourselves and our biographies more than any time in history. We need to share and celebrate our story if we want to impinge on the Industry.

This week teaches you what is character, what is yours, and how they work together to make your work more specific, authentic, and bookable.

Week Three

Week Four 
The Business Of Acting

Self-Tapes are the currency of a modern actor.

It's how agent sends to casting. It's how casting views your work. It can even be used as your screen test and determine whether or not you book a pilot.

Simply - they are the most important element of your career in terms of booking or not booking work.

Your tapes don't have to be perfect, but they have to be consistently competitive.


This week we learn how to make our tapes competitive with the best of the best, focusing on your on-camera acting, technique for getting the most our of your auditions, and a technical run down of what's needed to audition for film and tv.

Behind every successful actor is a successful acting business.


Actors are entrepreneurs. Owners of their own little start-ups. But no one teaches you how to build that business, let alone run it confidently.


This week we do exactly that, starting with a heavy focus on branding/casting/type so you truly understand what you sell in the industry. 


We cover basics like your Online Profiles, equipment to invest in, which websites to be on, tracking your numbers, and how to generate your own auditions.

We also touch on some of the more complicated areas of the industry, like building and maintaining relationships and the science behind marketing.



The Details:

  • Satuday's from 2:30-6:30pm

  • October 7th - 28th

  • In-Person at The Norris Studio NOHO Location


  • Maximum 12 Clients

  • Cost: $395 (Strike Price: $350)

  • If you're interested in future dates or a Zoom option, please fill out the form and let us know!

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